Hello, is it me you’re looking for

Hi, I’m Kristen.

I’m a big dreamer…in fact I spend more time dreaming than doing…which is why   this blog was created.  To help me move from dreaming to doing.  I live in beautiful San Francisco and I really, really, really enjoy making lists (almost as much as I love crossing things off from them).  So…

I love:

1.  The third single from Lionel Ritchie’s 1984 multi-platinum album Can’t Slow Down and the fact that it instantly reminds me of the greatest moments I ever spent with my Dad

2.  Picnics (preferably with wine)

3.  Various forms of transport including but not limited to: bikes, vespas, trains, subway, boats

4.  Cooking

5.  Baby things…NO, not things for babies.  Things that ARE baby (itty-bitty, bite-sized, pre-portioned, Kristen-sized and mostly relating to food).  Baby 7-ups when I am sick, baby cookies, baby wheels of cheese, baby crackers, bite-sized frosted mini-wheats.  you get the idea.

6.  Games and trivia!  So many games…  I am a freak for word-related games (Taboo, Scattergories, Balderdash, Boggle) but I love all.  I am freakishly competitive rendering myself less fun to play with according to certain sources.

7.  Taking photos

8.  Calling them photos instead of pictures

9.  Writing…and talking…and singing.


11. Billiards

12. Ping Pong

13. Ok, really all sports and games.

14. Wine

15. Baseball, specifically San Francisco Giants

16. Quoting things, specifically Anchorman

17. The beach, any beach will do, but Kailua is my favorite ever.

18. Concerts and festivals

19. Learning new things

20. Adventure

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